This blog is an attempt to describe the atmosphere in 21st century America from a wide, self-aware perspective.  While I'm of the opinion that no words can do justice the surreal sense of being that you get living in such a society, I can but try.

In most cases, my tone is immensely critical.  I view this as an unavoidable side-effect of discussing a society which forsakes just about every value it claims to hold dear.  Some will consider it unfair to pick on what is - on paper - one of the freest places to live.  Some will say the focus should first be on the worst offenders of human rights.  But these arguments miss the point - there isn't a country in the world that the Empire does not influence in a significant way.  In fact, in many cases America is directly responsible for those worst offenders.  If we truly wanted a better existence for all of the world - and not just ourselves - we could attain it.

More than anything, though, this is a space for deeper reflections on the nature of the world we live in than you typically find in popular discourse.  This is where I dare to ask why; where I commit the crime of believing we can achieve more as a species than division.