Thoughtcrime - 17 Feb 2013


It tends to be when we stop asking this simple question that everything goes wrong.  There's always an answer which is more convenient, better fits our worldview, or does not challenge who we are.  The truth is not often intuitive and rarely reflects well on us, and thus is neglected.

For those who continue to ask "why?", the problem is found to almost always rest within the system and the structure of society, rather than on the individual (which isn't to say there are no 'good' and 'bad' people, just that each person is a result of an extremely complex set of influences, and that the solution to 'bad' people is not to simply denounce them).

Appeals to personal responsibility surely make us feel better about ourselves, but are most often simply a result of asking one too few questions.  Rather than thinking "I am better than this pathetic criminal, who should be locked up.", ask "Why did this person feel the need to resort to crime in the first place?"

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