Thoughtcrime - 19 Apr 2013

Is the corporate world - in either theory or reality - in favor of social programs and general equality?

In theory, they're completely against both.   Social programs are seen as encroaching on their moneymaking ability, as sectors of the economy not open for exploitation.  Equality, on the other hand, completely voids the entire hierarchical structure of capitalism, where the 'good' (ideas, people, etc) rise to the top, and the 'bad' suffer and die out.

In reality, the situation is a bit more complex.  The activism of the 1960s and onward has punctured the corporate world, not only filling some of its ranks with more sympathetic members of the human race, but also keeping public relations managers on guard against anything which might spark public outcry.  The end result is one where a few well-meaning individuals on the inside offer token gestures in the way of reform, at the same time the company itself heavily lobbies against any such programs in Washington.

That is, it's similar to most of the products they force down our throats - at face value, a boon to humanity, but in actuality a gigantic waste of resources, only made to line the pockets of the already incredibly wealthy.

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