Thoughtcrime - 14 Mar 2013

What is "independence"?

True independence in statehood seems extremely hard to come by.  It's one thing for a colony to declare itself independent from its master and actually succeed in driving out the occupying military, but it's another entirely to gain complete freedom from all forms of coercion and bullying from other nations.  And, in that sense, there have been very few countries which ever reached independence.  Most simply celebrated 'independence' as simply a new name for the status quo.

The United States, on the other hand, thought that in order to achieve true independence it had to dominate the world in order to make most other countries dependent on it.  Rather than do what it claims to, and allow other nations the right of self-determination (a lie if there ever was one), America seeks to subjugate them - at the very least economically - so that its own interests are never really threatened.

And as long as that is the example set for others to follow, we will continue to have independence for a few, but dependence and servitude for most.

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