Thoughtcrime - 15 Mar 2013

What we refer to as economics is something which is wholly of human creationIt is, without a doubt, among the very worst applications of our creativity.  It's dry, it's dull, it's unforgiving and cruel.  It serves as little but a systematic justification for the worst behavior toward others, including the exploitation of the vast majority of the world's people and their treatment as inferior beings.  Just by daring to delve into this nightmarish bore of a topic, you risk it consuming your very heart and soul.  Your empathy drained away in a sea of statistical analysis.

However, in order to understand who truly controls what - and why - it is necessary to study economics.  In order to understand how the discipline casually misappropriates the resources available to us, exonerating itself all the while with appeals to freedom of choice, it is essential to be able to piece together the workings of complex financial instruments with our knowledge of geopolitical reality.

But we must always be mindful to maintain a broad perspective, keeping in mind that the supposed facts and figures within represent something which can be more reasonably be called 'capitalist theory' than it can 'economics'.

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