Thoughtcrime - 24 Mar 2013

After 9/11, honest condolence and support was offered to the United States from the greater part of the world's people - the sentiment being something along the lines of "even though your government is so often complicit in the worst atrocities, you yourself do not deserve to be the victim of such crimes in retaliation."

But, just as quickly as it appeared, this feeling was lost.  America - reactionary as ever - lashed out, falling back on old habits in order to prove it was still the powerful force it claimed to be.  The idea of combating "terrorism" (by first recognizing what drives terrorists to act in the first place) turned out to be nothing but useful rhetoric in the Empire's quest to pursue its goals in the strategically important and oil-rich Middle East.

In the end, what could have been a time for self-reflection and a move toward lasting peace became yet another example of the inhumanity of imperialism.

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