Thoughtcrime - 26 Mar 2013

Every time financial concerns alter your medical decision-making, every time you cannot see a doctor (or cannot see the right doctor) and instead force yourself to fight through the pain and stress, capitalism has eroded away a portion of the time you have left to live.

Every time someone starves to death or succumbs to the elements because no food or shelter was available to them in this age of plenty, capitalism must be deemed - at best - willfully negligent.

And every time a war is begun to fragment and destroy those whose only crime is to offer an alternative to economic subjugation, a coup manufactured to institute a regime more friendly to corporate control of its natural resources, or death squads sent out to the countryside to maintain the grip of the wealthy on the peasants' throats, capitalism is directly responsible for mass murder.

These are not unforeseen droughts or poor harvests causing famine.  They're instead the all-too-preventable casualties of an economic system which yet manages to remain blameless, all the while pointing the finger at its victims.  They're knowledgeable crimes, gone unprosecuted in order to protect those who benefit from others' misfortune.

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